Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dear Karla

The mini-challenge for week seven is to write a post to yourself. Be it your former self, or your future self. The idea is to help yourself never go back to where you came from, to underline how you have changed, and how your life has changed. Or the opposite, how you want it to change.

Karla Past …. let’s talk girl Smile I know you are feeling over whelmed and scared, like you can’t do this any more, 2 little kids a full time job and your hubby because of the long commute doesn’t always make it home every night. This is a phase in your life, something you will look back on and wish you had enjoyed more. I know you are butt ass poor, but your life does get better… relax and enjoy the time while the kiddos are small, they grow up so fast and you will look back and wish you had done this and wish you had done that. I am not going to tell you to do anything different, you are going to have some rocky roads ahead… boy-oh-boy-oh-boy!!! BUT it will make you strong, and thankful for your life. Go call your Mom, spend time with her, she love’s you and you never quite understood how much she meant to you until she was gone….. so go call her!!! Spend an afternoon with her!!!

Now let’s talk for a minute about how you eat…. hummm where to start? You are feeling defeated and have given up and I am not quite sure when or why it happens but you start to understand that THINGS are just not given to you, you will have to work for them…. work your butt off to get them, but they are worth it…. eating is like this!!! Diet is like this… Karla YOU ARE A SPECIAL SPECIAL VALUABLE BEAUTIFUL person…. yes I am shouting…. Your husband tells you but until you see it and feel it in your heart you won’t start to take care of yourself… look inside …. it is there… Karla you can make a difference… REALLY I am not selling you a line of crap…. you can make a difference… even if it is a tiny tiny tiny difference YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! You don’t need to tell anyone, you don’t need anyone’s validation. You can feel it inside … and it feels awesome!!!! Start small, put down that drink… it won’t answer any of your problems, it will just give you YEARS of set backs… If you only do that … understand how special and valuable you are and set down the booze… Your life will change…

See if a few years Just kidding


  1. In a word "wow". Fantastic post Karla!!!!!

  2. This was a brilliant post!
    Absolutely brilliant! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Now, print this post and place it where you can see it everyday. You are worth all your efforts.


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