Monday, May 28, 2012

Final week of Challenge!!

The final week is upon us! Set your final goals, and reflect on your progress through this challenge. What were your initial goals? Did they change? Do you feel you were successful? Remember that although these past 10 weeks have been important, it's always the 10 coming weeks (or more than that, hopefully) that matter the most. :)

I have not been real good about posting to and from the challenge, but I have really renewed my focus and this is AWESOME!!!

We are going to Hawaii in September and I want to get rid of as much belly fat as possible so it is “operation NO SPANX” in progress!! LOL Smile with tongue out 

More frequent smaller meals and KILLER Devil cardio sessions!!!

2012-05-27 10.13.04

I don’t really want to get smaller, just less jiggly …. more firm, a tighter stomach and I have been told that after soo many years this may be as good as it gets, well I am NOT going to accept that!!!

I HAVE to try!!! so here goes …..weeeee………… the ride begins

Countdown to Hawaii Open-mouthed smile


  1. I just drempt about going to Hawaii, what a great goal! I like your out look and will be following along!

  2. I have no doubt you will get to where you want to be!

  3. Good luck reaching your goal for Hawaii - great motivation :)

  4. Hope you meet all your goals and have a great final week in the challenge. :)

  5. Well that trip will be a motivator!


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