Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Love me some Ina

ah the Hampton’s Rolling on the floor laughing
2012-05-08 16.58.28
or not!! lol we watch what looks different and what we will never do or eat… love her though
any who how
2012-05-08 06.32.21breakfast was the usual, 4 egg whites and oatmeal.. have I mentioned I always add a teaspoon of chai seeds in my oatmeal? I read somewhere that it is good for me… I can’t remember why… ah I would guess that it doesn’t help my memory…lol Smile with tongue out
2012-05-08 09.35.122012-05-08 10.46.21
turkey meatball’s and cabbage and some nectar of the Gods… aka iced coffee, 2 add shots, Splenda and some half and half
  2012-05-08 11.56.58protein pudding
2012-05-08 12.42.31salad with egg whites
2012-05-08 14.41.08Greek yogurt
 2012-05-08 16.06.44baked vegetables with 3 ounces of turkey
and we had some popcorn while watching Ina
Fitbit/ Lose It numbers  numbers
  • Floors = 16
  • steps = 13382
  • miles = 5.67
  • calories burned = 2305
  • calories consumed = 1430
stellar day Sun
tootle loo bloggity folks


  1. My most favorite Ina recipe is her Italian Wedding soup!! SO GOOD!

  2. I loooove Ina! I could watch her cook in the Hamptons all day long.

    Your egg white salad looks phenomenal!

  3. Wow you're doing awesome and great food ideas!!!

  4. That salad looks awesome!! Can you believe I have never thought about adding egg whites to my salads at home???? :)



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