Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Super quick

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  • 4 egg whites with baked vegetables
  • cabbage and turkey meat ball
  • broccoli/squash and 3 ounces turkey
  • salad with cottage cheese
  • Greek yogurt
  • too much coffee Smile with tongue out 
  • protein pudding when I got home


  • calories 1500
  • steps 17655
  • 18 Floors
  • 7.98 miles walked
  • 2159 calories burned

tomorrow, well that may be too soon, but tomorrow I weight and next week we will truly know if these numbers are correct, I have trouble counting calories because I eat SOOOOO many vegetables and I can never accurately count them

so we will see

Maybe I can get the Fitbit sleep function to work tonight… I am soooo tired. Hubby got me up and we were at the gym at 3:30 AM this morning…. crazy!! but it was awesome not too crowded …. even at 3:30 there were about 20 people there!!

see ya tomorrow folks, and I will be rested Open-mouthed smile

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  1. And I was going to complain because starting next week I will have to wake up at 4:45 to get to the gym......3:30am?? You guys are impressive!


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