Friday, May 4, 2012

yo…. what’s up???

tee hee Hot smile
2012-05-04 07.26.09Green beans and cottage cheese
also broccoli, squash and some turkey
  2012-05-04 07.26.18Greek yogurt with cinnamon and vanilla
2012-05-04 07.46.41baked vegetables with egg whites
2012-05-04 07.26.412012-05-04 07.26.55
This Met RX protein plus bar was amazing Open-mouthed smile I cut it in half so I will have the other half tomorrow. I bought it on a mark down table, I will have to Google them and buy more …. soooo good!
I missed a picture… cabbage with a turkey meatball
also coffee but I did hello better today
see ya tomorrow bloggity folks

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  1. Really, the Met RX bar was ok? I had one a couple years ago and it was like eating an old shoe... Ugh. But if they've gotten better, I'll take a second look! :)


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