Monday, June 25, 2012

Almonds can be the enemy

So I sat down yesterday and wrote out the entire week’s food plan… sounds great ..huh?


6 small meals, and an optional meal for just in case

but here is today:


really only 3 meals and those pesky almonds… the only way I could stop eating them was to tape the can shut!!!! Disappointed smile


blurry, but you get the idea!!!

I may eat some yogurt tonight….???…..

Almonds.. I can’t seem to resist their yumminess


  1. I had the same problem of too many almonds - what I ended up doing was switching to plain/unroasted/unsalted ones. All the health benefits but without the salt, which I think made me crave them more! I have much better control with the plain ones.

  2. Sucks when you start eating something, and can't (don't) pull yourself away, even though your mouth is hurting, shits stuck to your mouth, you can't taste them no more, and you have to take a piss, but you eat every last fucking one.

    Sincerely, fatass (not fat, just eating habits of a KFC fatass)

  3. By the way, try focusing more on nutrition than carbs.

    I notice you don't eat the egg yolk. The yolk is the healthiest part. As long as you don't eat 3 or more eggs a day you should be fine, and 3 or 4 probably would't be to bad if young and working physically all day.

    Also, I don't think shakes are good for you (depending on ingredients of course). I'm sure you could find an alternative which would give ample protien, plus other nutrition, and would make you feel fuller.

  4. Ohhh I ought to do that with the cookie packets...just duct tape them to death! Good idea!

  5. I had to cut almonds out... I was snarfing waaaaaaaaaaaay too many of them during the day. They're a good snack, but not if you can't lay off...

  6. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your big chart of organization. So jealous :)

  7. It is SOOO hard to stop sometimes, isn't it. LOVE the taping the container shut though, that is brilliant! Take care Karla, have a great day.

  8. HaHa1 I'm thinking I need to shut down this mighty convenient convenience store that sells COOKIES N CREME ICE CREAM ON WAFFLE CONES! :)



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