Monday, June 11, 2012

Better dan nuttin

food plan was good:

2012-06-11 04.56.58

2 small salads, 6 egg whites, power bar, and 2 servings of Greek yogurt, shake for breakfast Open-mouthed smile 

2012-06-11 05.04.46

but then you know how things just kind of go screwy….

2012-06-11 07.12.272012-06-11 15.55.07

Grande drip with some half and half… and an iced coffee with some half and half………. only one cookie Smile with tongue out 

so the numbers for the day

  • calories consumed: 1575
  • calories burned 1709

almost even Steven… no weight loss for today

oh well fiddle dee dee

1 comment:

  1. At least it was on the negative a little! Better than nothing! :)



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