Monday, June 4, 2012

Day #1 of vacation

I apologize, I haven’t been blogging as much lately. I have been doing good with my eating and working out

I weighed 138.8 this morning, so all is okey dokey in the scale world Smile with tongue out 

I also do so much better when my food is all planned out… duh.. no big shocker there!!

todays plan:

2012-06-04 06.14.382012-06-04 06.15.142012-06-04 06.15.31

I love the Lose it calorie counter and my Fitbit

This week will be a bit of a challenge, as I am going to visit family, but I am not too worried about it. Open-mouthed smile 

I have been focusing on HIGH protein and under 100 carbs and I have been pretty good about this goal Nerd smile some days I am right on, others not so much… ya know how that all goes, right?

later bloggity folks


  1. I just can't seem to plan even my next meal!! :) I keep saying I have got to get better!


  2. We all get days like that for sure!!
    I'm glad you're still where in a good place with the scale.

  3. OMG I forgot to tell you to have a fantastic vacation!

  4. Hi! It's not the best idea to consistently be under 100g of carbs. Your brain needs about 120-130g a day to function (as it can only use carbs as a fuel source), and any less than that will produce negative side effects - including binges and unhealthy cravings! Have you tried carb cycling? That's a better idea if you're trying to lose weight. For example, I do two days at about 100g of carbs, followed by one day of 170g. It keeps the metabolism burning!

  5. I have a fitbit and I love it! I also use Lose It and I like it a lot. Your doing great :).

  6. Enjoy your vacation! I'm considering a fitbit too, but I have too many gadgets already :p


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