Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Fat girl is back

what I have eaten this week:
  • cheetos
  • chips ahoy cookies
  • oreo cookies
  • almonds
  • yogurt covered raisins
  • peanut butter (WAY too much!!)
I went to the doctor this week…. menopause is making me crazy!!!
thumbnail 2
She gave me something, told me it would take some time… meanwhile I am hanging on!! Trying to be calm… I bought some Calming tea to add to my water. I just feel out of it! like I am either crying like a crazy woman or so mad I have to shut my mouth like a steel trap, or ugliness pours out of it… I can’t stop it!!
I also bought some tofu, adding a bit of estrogen back into my system.. I may be full of crap, but at this point I would try anything Confused smile
So I have gained a solid 5 pounds… I work the next 7 days so I can control my food better, although they have snacky stuff for the staff meeting on Mondays….. ahhhhh!!!! Baring teeth smile maybe I will suggest a lunch staff meeting, so there is nothing there to tempt me.
I am weak right now, my defenses are down… food has been my answer and I have to KNOCK. IT. OFF!!!
so the moral of this story…. Perimenopause sucks Sad smile

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  1. Doesn't it just!! I have everyone of those symtoms

  2. I hate when that happens it's like you suddenly lose control or just lose your mind! WHO IS THAT PERSON! I hope things get back to normal and in control quickly. I know how annoying it can be!!


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