Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fitbot’s ROCK!!!

Here was the plan

2012-06-14 04.25.06

District meeting, a lot …. A LOT of sitting so I brought all my food

I munched on some watermelon from the food laid out

2012-06-14 06.47.37 

but then there was this

2012-06-14 13.04.17

and of course, a Birthday cake Birthday cake

2012-06-14 13.08.21

so I scaled down on some of the good food I was going to eat, but my numbers were not as bad as I thought

consumed 1438 calories, and burned 1545 so an even Steven day

Thank goodness for my Fitbit because on my way home, I looked and I realized how from sitting all day in the meeting, I SERIOULY needed to go to the gym, so off I went Open-mouthed smile 

I love how the Fitbit tells me how many calories I have burned, it helps so so so much Smile with tongue out 

well folks, off to chillax


  1. Heeeeyyyyyy.... is this a fitbit commercial? :)

  2. What is it with those damn candy dishes at all conferences i go to? sigh. If i get there a few mins early i move the dishes near my seat to other tables. LOL

  3. It's great that you can do that while a meeting like that. I would have probably just pigged out.


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