Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Jerky, Jerky who loves jerky?

2012-06-12 06.45.53Protein shake milk mustache Just kidding

2012-06-12 10.58.31I also had 6 egg whites and some Salmon jerky

2012-06-12 12.53.21I had lunch with my daughter Flirt female2012-06-12 14.51.432 servings of yogurt today Smile with tongue out 2012-06-12 16.34.13turkey this time Open-mouthed smile 2012-06-12 16.37.09some broccoli with light, thinned balsamic dressing


  • calories consumed:1389
  • calories burned: 1688
  • steps: 11060

I worked out this morning, light cardio, I still have a bit of a groin strain and shin splints Sad smile

and circuit trained for a half hour

good day Open-mouthed smile 

later me amigo’s


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