Friday, June 29, 2012

Long post!!!

Todays food:

2012-06-28 05.32.11morning shake, with coconut milk… I also use the coconut milk instead of the Carnation SF coffee creamer… less calories

 2012-06-29 04.43.09

carrots and cucumber, I also had 5 hard boiled eggs (whites only) with this 2012-06-29 04.51.29

Greek yogurt with strawberries, Splenda, chai seeds and a few cheesecake drops

 2012-06-29 04.56.41T

Turkey and broccoli

2012-06-29 05.05.33

Greek yogurt with PB2, splenda, chai seeds and cheesecake drops

2012-06-29 05.06.25

I buy the PB2 and the cheesecake drops from Amazon…. sooooo yummy!!!

 2012-06-29 14.46.07

4 ounces chicken and vegetables

 2012-06-29 15.27.44

STUPID!!! oh well

I have discovered Instagram… I LOVE this… love love love so I have been following a few people and they posted about these little Whole foods treasures

2012-06-29 18.52.522012-06-29 18.53.07 

Hummus with only 25 calories for 2 Tablespoons… get outta here!!! I will let you know tomorrow how it is!! Smile 

2012-06-29 18.54.03

This little treasure is O.M.G.!!! RUN, go buy this!!! go … go … … err why are you still reading this… Smile with tongue out 

anyways the ENTIRE pint has 150 calories 0 fat and 14 grams of whey protein and delicious!!! My daughter and I, we polished off the chocolate peanut butter tonight… we split the container… only 75 calories… BOOM!!! I bought 6 different flavors, thought I would try and see

my numbers for the day:

  • calories eaten 1457
  • calories burned 2196
  • step 18392
  • walked 7.79 miles today
  • went up 22 flights of stairs

Good day… Smile see yall tomorrow bloggity folks

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