Sunday, June 24, 2012

New obsession

Instagram!!! I am obsessed!!! iamkarlam

so San Diego was fun, but menopause has been rearing it’s ugly head, think emotions put in a blender and turn it onto high…. whirl, whirl, whirl… My poor husband… I think he is afraid of me Steaming mad one minute and Crying face then next and then onto Open-mouthed smile… yep … whack a doodle time!!!

My diet wasn’t the best, but the damage was minimal, a week tops and I will be back in the 130’s (140.6 this morning)

food prep today, and back to regular blog posting Open-mouthed smile 

see ya tonight Winking smile


  1. I haven't checked out instagram yet! Maybe MY husband is going thru the menopause thing you have experienced. :)


  2. Yeah, poor hubby, I've been one of those. I hid as much as possible to avoid the wrath lol.


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