Thursday, June 7, 2012

Poured my guts out

yesterday and my computer did a hiccup and poof it was gone!! grrr Annoyed don’t you hate when that happens?

so the gist of my thoughts from yesterday were … I am turning into a poser, that whiney girl I got rid of 2 plus years ago

I want to get this done with and see a certain number on the danged scale and I have become complacent… have you noticed my lack of blogging lately? …. well I don’t want to just be the yoyo dieter 138…142…138…142…138…142…138…142


I am traveling the remainder of this week, going to visit family Smile 

BUT I am going to restart boring you all with my dribble… a blow by blow of my caloric intake, pictures when possible

I work to danged hard at working out to let my food swings steal all the results

so this morning I did my usual 20 minutes on the treadmill to Netflix …. who ever invented the ipad and Netflix THANK YOU!!!!

Breakfast was: 5 egg whites and quarter cup of oatmeal, Silk coconut milk as a coffee creamer

I am off to get ready Smile with tongue out 

see yall tonight…. You are going to get plain ole sick of me I am going to freakin blog so much!!!! Winking smile


  1. I won't get sick of you, Karla. :) Looking forward to hearing more from you. Have fun on your trip.

  2. I am sure I bore everyone too, but it helps ME and I love reading everyone else's boring stuff too, it really motivate me. So keep it up. And thank you!


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