Friday, June 15, 2012

todays eats

2012-06-15 04.15.01I made my killer salad today, this is the advantage of working in a grocery store…. I needed baby spinach for the salad, no problemo…. buy it at work Smile with tongue out

2012-06-15 04.29.05Turkey meatballs and broccoli

2012-06-15 05.17.37I cooked actually 8 egg whites and measured out a cup of vegetables, and divided it into 2 meals

  2012-06-15 17.53.28dinner was yogurt and strawberries…. I also had Greek yogurt and half a portion of chocolate protein powder this morning

2012-06-15 18.13.55 Salmon jerky
  • calories eaten: 1375
  • calories burned 1721
not pictured… coffee ….2 cups at home with some almond milk and an iced coffee from Coffee Bean with SF vanilla powder
Off to cuddle up to my Nook Open-mouthed smile


  1. Plus some popcorn and 2 cookies.......

  2. You make up for your little indulgences by all the healthy stuff you eat. But now I know your trick-working at a grocery store huh?? :)



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