Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tough travels!!!

I forgot my ID, omg!!!! My son made it the airport in time. Delayed flight... Delayed arrival.... We had a layover then sat on the runway cooking...... Layover take off delayed

Sheesh!!!! Give me a break!!!!

Food was okay.... I ate too much trail mix, but whatever ...

I am sitting here on this plane trying to mind meld with the guy sitting next to me..... "get up Mister.... Go to the bathroom"
...."get up".....

He is absorbed in his ipad movie and my feakin Nook is in the overhead compartment...... Crap.....

So I had today ( nothing to do for 20 minutes)

Egg whites & oatmeal
Small container of Fage
Chinese chicken salad minus the crispy noodles and about a third of the dressing
TJ's egg white salad
Trail mix

And some kind of diner tonight.... I will make good choices....

Ehhh so so

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