Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July damage control

I follow some folks on Instagram and these folks eat like uber clean!! I feel like a loser when I post pictures like the ones below… but whatever… they probably don’t work 12 hours days, Crying face whine whine whine Crying face

I ate like the world was ending yesterday and the scale showed it this morning!!! 144…. OMG!!! I have not been this heavy in forever!!!

stupid me Just kidding

2012-07-05 07.13.44labelbox_20120705113337labelbox_20120705113519labelbox_20120705113617labelbox_20120705113657labelbox_20120705113850

  • calories consumed 1426
  • steps 16538
  • 25 floors climbed
  • 1925 calories burned
  • 7 miles walked

I will try and eat a bit cleaner tomorrow (NIX on the Lean Cuisine’s)

whatev…. Smile with tongue out


  1. You can't compare yourself to others! I'm sure others don't agree with how I eat.

  2. I know, like you do, that staying disciplined is part of this whole maintenance journey. You do like I do - I have to analyze what is going on on a regular basis to make sure things stay where they should!

  3. I like the Lean Cuisines as a go-to when I'm craving takeout - their Asian-inspired ones help me feel satisfied while not being as terrible as Chinese takeout. It's still processed and salty, but not as bad for a once-in-a-while lunch or dinner. I always pair it with fruit, veggies, or a salad too, which feels a little better. :) The peanut chicken one in your pic is one of my favorites!

  4. I also work twelve hours and Lean Cuisine is often my go to on those long and busy days. I just make sure I drink lots of water when eating them.

    Smile Bunches!


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