Saturday, July 28, 2012

Howdy blogosphere

so I took this picture thinking it was me all sweaty and that did not translate at all!! LOL Just kidding trust me I kicked butt today at the gym

2012-07-28 09.06.372012-07-28 12.14.51

these little ginger candies are so nice to have on hand, just enough to kill the sweet cravings

 2012-07-28 13.27.36

a few pistachios, I actually weighed them!! I was so proud!!! LOL Smile with tongue out 

2012-07-28 17.24.19

Greek yogurt with chai sees and some coconut milk for the chai seeds to absorb. I have discovered these little gems … adds fiber in your diet.


I scored big time today at the Farmers market!!! the tomatoes taste like REAL tomatoes, I think I am spoiled now and may need to make this a regular practice!!!

  • calories eaten: 1141
  • calories burned 1509

I have been keeping my calories LOW for this last week. When I get back to 138 I will go back on 5-6 small meals… I think I want to go down to 130 even!!!v ya think I can do it?? Hawaii is 6 weeks away, that is good incentive

see yall tomorrow… less of me that is

Plus about 400 calories of chicken, thats the problem when my calories are too low.... Maybe I will go back to normal eating tomorrow


  1. 138 would be golden for me, too. I am at the horrible 147 now, as you were . Sucks.

  2. I think you can do it!

    I look forward to hearing aobut your trip to Hawaii, we are in the planning stages of our first ever trip!


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