Sunday, July 29, 2012

Massive picture post

so this morning started off kind of bad… after I posted yesterday… I went on an eating rampage

2012-07-29 06.16.36

I just cannot starve myself… 2 shakes and a bowl of yogurt for dinner… what was I thinking??!! I know better. Dang, but I am always looking for the quick fix, the easy route… in weight matters there just is not a quick fix!! so back to normal. End of freak out mode, it was silly. Truthfully I feel kind of embarrassed I reacted the way I did, but that is over Embarrassed smile 

I never post the pictures in the order I want, I am just not that patient, so anyway on with it!!

2012-07-29 06.53.20

I cleaned all the berries from yesterdays farmers market, nummers Open-mouthed smile 

2012-07-29 07.53.47

Today I just did cardio; 20 minutes of stairs and 20 minutes of treadmill, I was actually on the machine when I took this picture … smile Open-mouthed smile 

2012-07-29 08.55.08

we went to breakfast and I got an egg white omelet with onions, jalapenos and a tiny bit of soy chorizo and I asked for grit… WOW is that a massive bowl or what?!!

 2012-07-29 09.08.43

I just had a few bites of the grits

2012-07-29 10.25.21

COFFEE!!! Smile with tongue out 

2012-07-29 11.33.57

berries and Greek yogurt with Chai seeds

2012-07-29 14.17.13

4 ounces of chicken and cucumber salad from Costco 2012-07-29 14.56.33

we made turkey meat loaves, we added spinach to the recipe

2012-07-29 14.56.42

and carrot cake protein bars mixing up Rolling on the floor laughing

2012-07-29 15.00.452012-07-29 16.05.38

Erin with the completed turkey meat loaves and the veggies ready to go in and be baked

2012-07-29 16.55.242012-07-29 16.55.49

blueberry/ zucchini scones and carrot cake protein bars done 2012-07-29 17.11.502012-07-29 18.08.52

dinner was taco salad then we went for frozen yogurt… I have finally learned with frozen yogurt, I do 75% fruit and 25% of the original tart and the entire bowl is maybe 200 calories Open-mouthed smile 

2012-07-29 18.51.442012-07-29 18.51.52

when we got home, the veggies all done and chicken baked for the week

what we cooked today:

So we have a lot of healthy choices!!!

see ya tomorrow

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  1. I'm not a big scone fan but those sure look tasty.

    I hear you and I too feel embarrassed after a binge whether small or large, afterwards it makes no sense. Bravo for you keeping it small and getting back on a good track again!



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