Monday, July 9, 2012


I am sitting here after a day of the most major eating I have done in 3 years!!! we are talking a good 6,000-7,000 calorie day!!  and I am wondering WTF is wrong with me??

emotions? boredom? do I want to be fat again? uncomfortable?

I am feeling old, and emotional… so how exactly does food fix this?

I went today and bought my old Weight Watcher food’s not the super duper high protein stuff I have been eating but the foods I used to lose the weight

time for a change (haven’t I said this like a gazillion times???)

so I am going to get up tomorrow and make my blueberry high fiber muffins, a pot of soup, some SF jello’s and do what worked… and stop listening to what others say I should focus on, and just do what worked for me

because I know if I keep on this track (notice the lack of blogging lately… pounds are a sneaking up on me….) this will be a blog about how to lose, and get fat again!!!

I think tomorrow I will post a new side bar picture with my weight as a re-dedication point … whatcha think? Eye rolling smile

tomorrow I am off and my plans are

  • cook
  • gym
  • hair appointment
  • nail appointment
  • cook some more
  • take pictures for this poor neglected blog
  • post lots of pictures Smile with tongue out 
  • maybe try and squeeze in a movie

I have always always been a yoyo dieter, I have lost weight only to regain it all and more… so I am starting to go the wrong direction in the yoyo cycle… maybe blogging again religiously will help me to stop the madness and put myself back on track

thanks for being out there in cyber space for me

see ya tomorrow… more of me unfortunately but just for today… tomorrow we and I mean WE… because this blog is going to fire back up… with Instagram and Facebood and Pinterest and all the different social media’s out there is blogging a dead forum??? oh well it worked for me when I started on 1/1/2010 so I am turning to it again 31 months later to turn this puppy Dog face around


see ya tomorrow bloggity folks


  1. Do you eat more when you're working or when you're home? For two years I could not get back to my goal weight and until I was laid off, I didn't connect the stress of the job with my weight. Six weeks later I was back at goal and that was very good.

  2. I've struggled with some setbacks lately, too. It's like half of my brain is primed and ready for the challenge in front of me and the other half puts hurdles in front of each step.

    Focus on what you know works for you and best of luck on your journey.

  3. From time to time I look back to see what was working and try to figure out why. Good thing to get a handle on it NOW rather than later.

  4. With you!!!

    And though there are a lot of other ways to communicate via social media, blogging is my favorite. Just feels more personal.

    Just keep doing what works for you - you know what to do!

  5. You know what... I have had the same problems! I have tried to do what everyone else has told me I should do and it just wasn't working. Well guess what? I'm back to the old WW program because that's what worked for me...and so far... it seems to be working again!

    Oh wouldn't it be nice if we needed to GAIN weight and our blogs could be about GAINING weight? haha


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