Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Still doin my thang ;)

2012-06-27 18.29.062012-06-30 14.25.18this yummo is for tonight, when I get home… kind of a reward for sticking to my plan Smile 2012-07-01 04.48.24I got up early and cooked the other morning, made turkey with some onion, mushrooms and taco seasoning, and added baked vegetables… I also made tofu bowls. I am working a marathon 7 days in a row so I wanted quick and easy food prep

2012-07-01 04.48.34the finished taco/turkey bowls 2012-07-03 04.45.52todays food:

  • egg white salad
  • turkey bowl
  • tofu bowl
  • Greek yogurt with Chai seeds,PB2 and Splenda
  • a gluten free tortilla with turkey, mustard and peppercinis
  • carrots and cucumber
  • egg whites and oatmeal

2012-07-03 04.50.302012-07-03 05.00.33

I am still hanging in there, trying to eat as clean as possible… it has mainly just been treadmill because of my work schedule but as long as I do SOMETHING that’s good

see ya later bloggity folks Smile


  1. Looks like a good day!!
    Haven't seen the Arctic zero here yet :(

  2. You're doing good. I love the picture and your hair!

  3. Do you like the Artic Zero? I have tried two different flavors and want to love it, but just don't! Maybe I just got bad batches?


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