Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sundays eats

2012-07-15 04.53.01I had a salad with egg whites Smile 2012-07-15 18.42.49Trader Joes Egg white salad and Corn thins, they are from Whole Foods and they are half the calories of a rice cake, it is really just something to scoop the egg white salad with Smile with tongue out 2012-07-15 18.46.31this was my after dinner snack, half a portion of Greek yogurt, 4 Splenda’s and half a scoop of protein powder… nummers

1342355179617I made 2/3 cups of dry oats… what was I thinking!!! this bowl was MASSIVE!!! I ate half and saved the other half for tomorrow … that is if the hubby didn’t finish it off today 1342355203604cherries 1342358317970I cooked ground turkey with onions and taco seasoning and I will use it this week to add to vegetable soup and roasted vegetables… maybe even try a burrito this week 1342358443894today I added it to soup 1342358475375I made stuffed spaghettis squash … OMG to die for!!! I had a quarter of one and 4 ounces of turkey

this girl is back on track Open-mouthed smile 

later bloggity folks

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