Friday, August 31, 2012

Peanut butter and Pumpkin bread

well that was yesterday…Disappointed smile

2012-08-31 11.47.05

today was much better Open-mouthed smile and isn’t it funny this was my affirmation for the day


2012-08-31 04.23.472012-08-31 05.09.012012-08-31 18.28.22

  • egg whites
  • watermelon
  • Greek yogurt with Chia seeds
  • asparagus, a bit of spaghetti squash and turkey with light spaghetti sauce
  • spaghetti squash with 3 ounces of chicken and wing sauce
  • salad with NF cottage cheese
  • salad with 3 ounces chicken
  • Artic Zero 

much better food day today Smile 


this picture is a little dark, but it is my pug, Jack… he just sits and watches me in the morning when I am on the treadmill and waits until I am done… he is such a silly, sweet little fatty

Later bloggity folks

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


me so buff
2012-08-29 06.21.062012-08-29 06.23.42
Laughing out loudLaughing out loudRolling on the floor laughingLaughing out loudRolling on the floor laughing so silly Smile with tongue out
2012-08-29 04.36.522012-08-29 04.41.062012-08-29 04.50.272012-08-29 05.08.372012-08-29 05.10.02
  • protein oatmeal
  • salad #1 with turkey
  • salad #2 with NF cottage cheese
  • asparagus, carrots and turkey meat
  • Greek yogurt (no picture)
  • spaghetti squash, 3 ounces chicken & wing sauce (no picture)
  • Artic Zero 
I also cooked some protein’s this morning 2012-08-29 05.10.15
ground turkey with home made marinara sauce, got it from woman that is a wonderful cook Smile …. not me Nyah-Nyah
and just basic ole baked chicken
easy peasy
see yall tomorrow

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Company picnic #2

much better food wise today


got up this morning and got my cardio in

2012-08-28 04.26.48

took all my food to the picnic, it was a hot today in Long Beach, Ca   Angry smile

2012-08-28 04.50.492012-08-28 04.55.172012-08-28 05.47.342012-08-28 17.31.44

I ran out of salad dressing, so I used sriracha sauce and cottage cheese for one salad dressing and Greek yogurt/taco seasoning, Tapatio and lime juice for the other salad dressing

who needs the store bought stuff??!!

see yall tomorrow Smile

Monday, August 27, 2012

Today sucked

**** warning ****

if you are looking for an uplifting, sweet, motivational blog…. you won’t find that particular blog here today Annoyed

I had every good intention this morning

2012-08-27 03.55.312012-08-27 03.59.37

packed all my food:

  • 2 salads
  • spaghetti squash with 3 ounces of chicken and wing sauce
  • taco turkey meat with asparagus
  • I made an oatmeal for the road

2012-08-27 05.14.132012-08-27 07.27.032012-08-27 09.24.55

but then came the district meeting

2012-08-27 13.37.18

life just kinda sucks right now…. plumbing, insurance companies, food, blah blah blah

some days I wish I still drank Alien


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Yes, it’s official I am a die hard!!

food prep this morning:

  • carrots
  • asparagus
  • spaghetti squash
  • melon

then off to the gym, after the gym breakfast Smile 

2012-08-26 08.53.00

I only had a bite or two of the oatmeal, egg white omelet with onions, mushrooms and spinach. I was sooooooo hungry I was afraid I would lick the bowl clean, so instead I got a power bar when I went to the grocery store

2012-08-26 09.43.41

silly huh? I should have just eaten the oatmeal!! This Pure Protein bar has 180 calories and 20 grams of protein, one sugar and 17 carbs ~~~~ and a Partridge in a Pear tree Rolling on the floor laughing oops I got distracted there Smile with tongue out 

2012-08-26 09.42.372012-08-26 09.48.37

Hey jack Smile with his wag wagging tail Smile 

a bowl of melon then we went to a Dodger game, and I packed a salad!!!

2012-08-26 14.27.24

in my handy dandy cooler, I looked online and you can take a soft sided cooler as long as it isn’t bigger than 14 inches!! I had no desire to eat Dodger dogs, or Nacho’s doesn’t even sound appealing to me. Yes this lady is committed!! there are some size 4’s in my closet that I keep putting on…. they fit, just a teensy bit snug

we left in the 5th inning, major heat wave!!! I can hear my husband in the other room watching the ending of the game on the TV

2012-08-26 15.56.12

Greek yogurt with Splenda, Chia seeds and some vanilla

and I will have an Artic Zero later

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