Sunday, August 12, 2012


I know I haven’t been blogging much

sorry Who me?

I was getting a little crazy tracking my food, counting EVERY single calorie was making me nuts, so I would freak out and say screw this and go on an all out eating spree!!! YIKES!!!

I talked to my trainer and he said, do not count, track, weigh or measure any more! WHAT!!!???? are you nuts?? no he said, trust me. I had been treating this all like a diet.. it was time to realize this is my lifestyle!!

here are the rules:

  • only one starchy carb meal a day… like rice, oatmeal, bread, pasta quinoa , only one …
  • 5-6 small meals a day
  • 3-4 ounces protein per meal
  • water! duh!! Smile with tongue out 
  • no cheating
  • only 2 fruits max per day

so for breakfast usually I have 1/3 cup oats, 2 spoons of chai seeds, 2 spoons of ground flax meal and it makes up a HUGE bowl for breakfast, I add about 1/2 to 3/4 scoop of protein powder and some Splenda…. maybe some fruit

my meals have been 3 ounces of protein…. okay I have weighed my protein…. don’t tell Kelly Don't tell anyone smile ….. Open-mouthed smile 

usually I get in Chai seeds twice… gotta keep the plumbing working Eye rolling smile

I have cheated… and it has been almonds or the Artic Zero I find it at Whole Foods… and I have been doing 6-7 meals actually… my weight has dropped 2.5 pounds and it has been easier.

I have found a plastic wear… one of those you buy at the grocery store it is the 3 and 1/8 cup small square Glad brand is the perfect size for me.. and I pack 5 meals every morning…examples

  • turkey meat loaf and broccoli
  • chicken and asparagus
  • salad with cottage cheese
  • spaghetti squash, light spaghetti sauce and chicken
  • green beans and egg whites
  • baked vegetables and turkey/taco seasoning/FF refried bean mixture
  • Greek yogurt with Chai seeds, Splenda and vanilla extract or cinnamon… or both Smile 

I have my breakfast, lately my oatmeal… take 4 meals to work, and leave one in the refrigerator for when I get home… or take all 5 depending on my mood …. and sometimes an Artic Zero at night… last night I had a vanilla Artic Zero with cinnamon, nummers

since I started this way of eating, it has been over a week now… I haven’t freaked out and had a mad eating spree… I also suspect I have a frenemy … an friend/enemy … a food saboteur at my work… lately some of my favorite cookies have been appearing in the office… tempting me….

“Karla~~~~ you know you love me~~~~~ I am soooooo yummy~~~~~ Karla~~~~~ just one won’t hurt~~~~ Karla~~~~ oh KARLA~~~~~~”

the other day I got pissed and threw out the package, over half a package… I know it was rude and all the incorrect social … whatever's… but I got pissed and tossed them in the trash… maybe they will take the hint and not bring them back into the offices

I have still been in the gym twice a week and hitting the cardio at least 5 times a week, maybe I should track my cardio closer??!!

so all is good, I weighed 142 this morning, I want to get below 140 again, my trainer says that is the goal… (I need to stay away from those danged almonds!!!) but I will get there. I have been following so many inspirational folks on Instagram. I feel a little weird because I am 52 and I am following 20-30 year olds but whatever, they inspire me to eat better, and stay on track

later bloggity folks Open-mouthed smile


  1. Interesting he said you are treating this like a diet. That is how I still feel. And although, yes, I would like to lose a little more, it's not happening and maybe I should lighten up a little.

    Your food sounds yummy!

  2. I like the rules your trainer has shared, seem very sound. I've gone back and forth with tracking before myself. As I am getting going again I am tracking now, but, I can't track forever until the day I check out. My thought is track until I stay honest with myself, consistently; and that should be enough.


  3. Sounds like a great plan! I have to admit it always bugs me when people try to push/leave cookies/candy on me. It's not always easy to say no.


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