Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Company picnic #2

much better food wise today


got up this morning and got my cardio in

2012-08-28 04.26.48

took all my food to the picnic, it was a hot today in Long Beach, Ca   Angry smile

2012-08-28 04.50.492012-08-28 04.55.172012-08-28 05.47.342012-08-28 17.31.44

I ran out of salad dressing, so I used sriracha sauce and cottage cheese for one salad dressing and Greek yogurt/taco seasoning, Tapatio and lime juice for the other salad dressing

who needs the store bought stuff??!!

see yall tomorrow Smile


  1. Want some of that Arctic Zero & do not have it here. BooHoo!

  2. Nice!! Siracha is my favorite on anything. I want to try yor homemade dressing!


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