Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Day #2

100% back on the wagon Smile
2012-08-21 06.59.54

breakfast was a shake, and some coconut milk for my coffee

2012-08-21 09.59.19

after the gym, egg whites and spinach

2012-08-21 13.50.46

this was actually 2 meals… Fage with Splenda, Chai seeds and vanilla and then some melon a few hours later

  2012-08-21 13.53.38

I have discovered Franks Wing sauce … ohh sooo good Laughing out loud this is 3.5 ounces of chicken, broccoli and carrots in Franks wing sauce

2012-08-21 16.08.40

dinner was a huge salad with chicken for the protein

2012-08-21 17.03.42

and later I will polish off this puppy Smile with tongue out best discovery ever … thank you fitness folks on Instagram, you get it at Whole Foods and it is 150 calories for the entire pint Open-mouthed smile wowsa!!
  • calories burned 1804
  • steps 13689
  • 5.94 miles walked today
  • calories consumed 1510
if I go by the Lose it I an under in my calories by 148, if I go by the Fitbit I am 397 calories under today… so either way I am happy
I was busy like a mad woman today, cooking: turkey meat loaf, hard boiled eggs, broccoli, carrots and asparagus then shopped for salad makings, some house work …. Baring teeth smile and a killer work out this morning Winking smile
see yall tomorrow bloggity folks


  1. Good Job with staying on track!! I need to get back in gear, and your blog just motivated me even more!

  2. Franks Wing sauce is liquid gold, but much cheaper. I can drink it straight up and feel good about it. I look funny, but haven't i always?

  3. Glad you're back on the wagon! Don't berate yourself for having a slip-up, they are a natural part of the journey! The chicken salad looks yummy, do you have a recipe for that please? Thanks and keep up the good work!


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