Saturday, August 4, 2012

Day off = busy as all heck!!!

I love days off and going to the Farmers market, I love stocking the house with healthy eats

2012-08-04 10.56.052012-08-04 10.56.16

nummers for the week Smile so on to the cooking, ahh but first lunch with my son and we went to see Ted, funny movie Open-mouthed smile 

then home and cooking like a mad woman

2012-08-04 19.08.08

Turkey meat loaf with spinach

 2012-08-04 19.08.42


2012-08-04 19.08.55

green beans I got at the Farmers market, the 

2012-08-04 19.09.22


2012-08-04 19.09.36

my hubby calls this turkey chili, it is really just turkey meat with taco seasoning, too much water and a large can of FF refried beans mixed in 2012-08-04 19.09.47

baked vegetables

2012-08-04 18.29.35

then came EPIC FAIL I made Jaime Eason’s pumpkin protein bars and substituted coconut flour for Oat flour and instead of almond milk I used coconut milk, and it was dry and thick and weird, crumbly, dense… Sad smile but I will keep it and mix the crumbles into Greek yogurt or into my oatmeal in the morning…. bummer 

see yall later


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