Monday, August 27, 2012

Today sucked

**** warning ****

if you are looking for an uplifting, sweet, motivational blog…. you won’t find that particular blog here today Annoyed

I had every good intention this morning

2012-08-27 03.55.312012-08-27 03.59.37

packed all my food:

  • 2 salads
  • spaghetti squash with 3 ounces of chicken and wing sauce
  • taco turkey meat with asparagus
  • I made an oatmeal for the road

2012-08-27 05.14.132012-08-27 07.27.032012-08-27 09.24.55

but then came the district meeting

2012-08-27 13.37.18

life just kinda sucks right now…. plumbing, insurance companies, food, blah blah blah

some days I wish I still drank Alien



  1. I'm sorry to hear you had a bad day! I'm having that kind of week :(
    However, neither one of us are quitters. See you on the flip side!

  2. Ugh!!! Halloween candy is out in full force already. Well, you know what to do.


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