Sunday, August 26, 2012

Yesterday was Inventory day

up all night Sad smile 

2012-08-25 00.23.592012-08-25 00.39.22

I picked up an Oikos, I had never tried this brand it was yummo Smile I took 2 salad’s and some watermelon to keep me going (midnight to 9AM)

I actually made a salad but it was so huge I split it in half!!! now that’s a HAS!! … huge ass salad Winking smile I added chicken on one and some NF cottage cheese on the other and we finally got this Bolthouse back in stock, it is awesome 45 calories for a tablespoon

went home a konked out for a few hours, much needed sleep

2012-08-25 12.17.182012-08-25 14.28.452012-08-25 15.53.142012-08-25 16.59.41

I also had some Greek yogurt… 3 ounces chicken with broccoli and carrots doused in Franks wing sauce… yummo Laughing out loud

Gym, grocery shopping… can you tell I hit Whole Foods? I love their salad bar

Today we are off to the Dodger game… can you eat healthy there? hummm I am NOT going to throw my good momentum into the trash for crap stadium food…. I will have to Google this and see if I can sneak food in… Karla the covert food gal Ninja

later guys


  1. Did anybody turn into John Stamos when you ate your Oikos??

  2. Good looking eats there... Have fun at the game, tough place to eat healthy. I usually need to choose between not eating there or just eating what I want and resetting afterwards.


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