Wednesday, September 5, 2012


planned food: 
Egg white salad
Greek yogurt with Chia seeds 
Squash and turkey 
chicken, broccoli and carrots... this fell on the floor.... did not eat :( 

seed muffin

the plan 

when my chicken fell on the floor, I bought this as a back up plan 

no gym or cardio today... boo I overslept

I weighed 141 this morning, that made me happy. I don't weigh that often any more, as long as I eat mainly clean I don't worry (too much) about it. Day #2 and no artificial sweeteners. I had a headache, but I am not sure it is artificial sweetener related??

later bloggity folks

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  1. Ugh- hate it when I drop a cooked meal on the floor. So frustrating!


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