Wednesday, September 26, 2012


My son says I have adult ADD

My assistant Manager says I forget everything

My husband pats my head and smiles

My daughter is worried

I have to write things down or I forget, I never used to be this way, but I have spoken to other Store Managers (see how I capitalized that to make myself feel more important) ..... no filter today!!
and they have the same experience

I am always afraid to write too much on this blog, who is reading this? could it affect my career? what are you thinking? who are "you"?

but I read this this morning and thought.... yeah!!! What Suzi said!!!

so I am going to write a bit more on my blog... I ramble, don't make sense at times, my thoughts are spastic and unrelated at times.... I will be doing something and

 ~~~~~ lighting bolt~~~~~

remember what I need to do about this or that (usually work related)

recent thoughts:

  • my trainer wrote me a diet , hummm too many grams of protein, I am following it, but have reduced the serving portions on some of the meals 
  • all my vacations will be done until January... OMG!!! gonna be a LONG few months 
  • I need to start thinking about Christmas shopping ... plan plan plan!!
  • I need to go buy a dress for a work event in October... OMG!! I need to wear some kind of heels for this event, will I look stupid?? wobble when I walk? fall? stumble? humm fake it? 
  • I have fallen in LOVE with Grey's Anatomy!! how is it I am just discovering this? Love me some Netflix
  • My arms and legs are thin, but my dang saggy ass belly is making me nuts!! 
  • Unsweetened Almond milk vs Coconut milk? ahh the battle begins 

see this is why I usually don't write/journal my thoughts.... 

sorry you may want to unfollow me... more of these random rambling posts to follow

so I need to get off my arse and go for a mega walk this morning, it's cool out (monumental for this time of year around here!!) instead of plugging myself into Grey's Anatomy... plenty of time for that later 

see yall tonight :) 


  1. Just joined your site, your pictures are so inspiring!

  2. i liked it.....i dont want to unfollow .......u need to just let go sometimes and put it all out there ......your doing amazing ......i like the wobble in heels part cuz i havent worn them in forever and id end up hurting myself lol but i cant even start thinkin bout xmas yet lol....have too much to do b4 then especailly a lil kids b day party uuuuggghh lol

  3. Ramble away (or not) because we love hearing from you. :)

  4. Great post and great blog, I love the pictures of your progress, amazing job.

    1. Hey, I like random thoughts! Keep on going with them!

  5. I also forget a lot!! I ummmmmmm think it's an age thing :(
    You will look awesome in a dress and heels!
    Almond :)


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