Saturday, September 15, 2012

Day #1 of 30

I follow a lot of folks on Instagram, a few groups on Facebook and add all the blogs I read, I have motivation galore!!!

On Instagram a gal threw out a 30 day challenge. I accepted and today is day #1. The challenge is 30 days of NO CHEATS!!

On October 14th I will be celebrating my birthday at Kings Fish House with their Macadamia nut crusted   Wild Alaskan Halibut  (it's under Fish house favorites in the center of the menu) and the best thing? I will be eating GUILT FREE!!

so for the nest 30 days it is 100% clean eating, If you don't know what that is go buy a Clean Eating magazine and the Clean Eating principle is in every magazine, I love love love Tosca Reno!!!! she is awesome!

I have a few of her books, I follow her on Instagram, she is amazing!! and she is the same age as I am!! so inspirational as well as successful, she is my girl crush!!

So I am going to do something every day be it big or small, even if it is just crunches and treadmill at home, or a killer training session at the gym, something every day.

I am going to record every single solitary bite! no matter how minuscule it is, I am going to record it. I may post pictures, I may post a list but it will be on this blog.... EVERYTHING!!!

I will have challenges, OMG!! of course, today is the Fontana races  so I will have to pack food in a backpack covered in ice. I will be taking my food today, and I have a food hangover so I am sure I won't be tempted, plus what a wuss if I can't even make it through day #1 ...... how embarrassing would that be!!!

Ok blog folks... I will post early tomorrow morning

Anyone care to join me in this? Sis??


  1. As I just wolfed down a chocolate chip cookie while reading this post. (It is not sitting well in my tummy now...jk) I am so temped to jump in and say YES! And I am going to; but unofficially. I love the idea, but I have to many other challenges out there right now. Not that this doesn't fit into any good plan. Because it does. But I still feel it needs to be on the unofficial side of things. Clean eating for 30 days... starting tomorrow I guess. :)

  2. I love this challenge! Great idea! GOOD LUCK and have fun with it!

    There's nothing as good as clean eating feels.

    Wait...well..."thin" feels pretty good, too...but don't those two things go hand-in-hand? Haha!

    P.S. Your birth-birthdate is October 14? Cuz I'm the 13!!! Yay!!!

  3. Umm...I swear that I just read somewhere about you celebrating your bday on October 14, but I'm also having an incredibly HUGE "I AM STUPID" day today.

    I may be wrong...and I certainly feel stupid right now.

  4. OH! FOR GOD'S SAKE! It's RIGHT there!

    I am beyond blonde today!!!!!


  5. Good luck! I can imagine it will be hard at times but I bet you will get great results. I love eating clean and healthy but have the occasional treat and cheat meal. I would love to do it with you but my boyfriend's birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks and I know we're going out for a meal with his family.


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