Saturday, September 22, 2012

Day #1 of vacation :)

these are not in the correct order, I am too impatient for that!!
this morning ready for the gym 

I am  trying a herbal method to fight my menopause, I have been on the Estrotone for about a week now, and already I feel better!! 

this morning food prep... mew.. a lot of work, my daughter loved it, me not so much. Acorn squash on a pan that has coconut oil then dusted with cinnamon, she liked it 

Raspberry protein oatmeal...nummers 

broccoli, carrots, 3 ounces chicken and light Ragu Alfredo 

Egg salad and a quarter of an avocado 

I went to my MIL's for a family afternoon, and these little evil pills were on the coffee table, I did not eat a single one!! 

but I did indulge in Chinese chicken salad, dressing was not diet friendly, but I did pick out all of the noodles 

:::sigh::: so much for the NO Splenda streak 

and tonight I will have protein ice cream, I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and bought a Cuisinart Ice cream maker  that store is awesome!!! they honored the 20% off coupon even though it was expired, I saved like $14!! awesome!! 

good day today, diet wasn't 100% but you can't be 100% every day!! 

see yall tomorrow 

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  1. I love the first picture. You look great in that color. I get a kick out of seeing what you eat every day. Your food is always interesting. :)


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