Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day #1 recap

Success!!! I made some silly choices, but I am calling yesterday a success
here is what I ate

we went to the Fontana Speedway and watched the Indy Cars, so fun!! but it was so freaking hot!!!

I did not take any food to the Speedway, yeah I know I am a knucklehead!! but the web sight said I couldn't take in any kind of ice pack, so I figured there would be a stand where I could get salad so something, right? BUZZ~~~~ not!!! I just ate some peanuts only and we were there from 12:30 until we got home at 8:30!! but I was NOT going to bomb out on day #1!!

I have these in the freezer and had never tried them, I am not even sure where I bought them, but they were tasty!! a real treat! since I am not a bread eater! 

and I spread a tiny bit of avocado on the toast, with egg whites and hot sauce 

after the gym, 50 minutes of cardio and some weights, I had a shake. I made coffee ice cubes, some coffee I made the other morning that was too strong!! so I didn't want to waste the entire pot of coffee! I liked it, a coffee shake 

squash, broccoli, carrots and turkey loaf with Wing sauce 

the ONLY thing I ate at the races!! Believe me there was food galore, but nothing I would choose to eat 

then we got home and I was famished!! I made a yogurt with Chia seeds, Stevia, half a scoop of protein and thinned it with some coconut milk, I needed to eat something!! 

so day #1 was a success, I ate clean and I did some sort of physical exercise 

see yall tonight :)  

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