Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Mr. Daily Thoughts :)

Hubby's birthday :)

now to be honest my egg white omelet did have onions, jalapenos and soy chorizo and I ate every yummy mouthful!!

I was up early this morning cooking; broccoli and carrots, green beans, hard boiled eggs and squash 

the squash was baked with cinnamon and Stevia.... meh.... kind of has a chalky texture to it, maybe Kaboucha squash isn't all that after all!! 

we went to the Bear Pit  this place is epic!!! the BBQ is theeeee best!! I ordered a grilled chicken salad and ate all the chicken and the tomatoes and a corner of the salad, this is the amount of salad that was left ... I think I did good!! 

The hubby's apple pie desert 

all of the pie choices!!! Oh my!! I just got a cup of decalf

I may have some yogurt tonight...??? 

I love being on vacation and going to the gym every day but eating off my normal is yucky, I am a creature of habit. I think tomorrow I will prep all my food in the morning and eat like I normally do. 

later dudes and dudettes 

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