Thursday, September 27, 2012

My current rambling crazy Daily thoughts

so my trainer says "eat this and we aren't going to worry about your weight right now (ahhh, excuse me??!!) we need to put on a little muscle

So I cut down a bit on the portion size of his diet, I ate less protein , what I did not cut down on was the portion size of the vegetables!!! I ate a friggin salad yesterday the size of your head!! so what did I expect this morning, yeah a gain

  • To weigh or not to weigh? 
    • you become obsessed, setting yourself up for craziness
    • weight fluctuates a pound up... a pound down 
    • I heard that muscles, when they are recovering hold water to heal
    • It's about how your clothes fit, not the number on the scale.... yeah right!! <----- li="li" nbsp="nbsp" sarcasm="sarcasm">
    • T.O.M. ... although when you are in menopause this is not a concern.... I just need to deal with the hot flashes, and my crying spells, followed by my "I want to rip your head off" spells.... sorry ladies yeah it does get worse!!! 
    • If you eat late at night , this is reflected in the number staring up at you in the morning 
    • When the batteries get old, the scale gets weird 
    • I have this little game when I don't like the number.... 2 outta 3.... I get on, get off, get on, get off until I see a number twice.... then that's the number I go with 
    • When I have had a BAD food day, the evil Karla twin says~~~~ "Go ahead fatty, jump on that scale and rip your heart out" ... and I do.... :::::sigh:::::
    • Why is it that the number on the scale sometimes reflects the fit of my wardrobe but not other times? 
    • Thin arms and legs but a giggly belly.... what the heck? This was NOT supposed to be the end result!!
  • I LOVE Jaime Eason and Tosca Reno, and in my fantasy mind, alter reality we are not so different ~~~~ who ARE you Karla??? delusional girl??

bowl contains 1/4 dry measure... ok, ok... heaping scoop.... some chia seeds and 13 g of almond meal, microwaved with water... add 1/2 scoop vanilla protein a few Splenda's and a HUGE handful of berries... OMG!!! so yummy ~~~~ insert squeeling sound~~~

4 egg whites with a HUGE portion of baked vegetables

this was normal sized!! yeah me!!!  baked vegetables, 3 ounces brown rice, 4 ounces baked turkey loaf and a bit of light Italian dressing

obscenely HUGE bowl of salad with 3-4 ounces of turkey, light Italian dressing

broccoli and 4 ounces chicken, light Italian dressing... I could not have fish again... I don't like fish all that much. I want to like fish, I need to like fish... but I JUST. DO. NOT.  ok maybe I am not JUST like Jaime and Tosca!!! 

and finally 


Thus closes today's post 


  1. dont worry so much about the scale look how far you have come already.. weighin weekly thats all u actually need to do ...think of the giggly belly in a positive way like how far u have comei did when i had saggy skin there last year or get spanx it makes the skin go away ...i loved me some spanx lol

  2. One night this week I didn't sleep well and got up to a 1 1/2lb gain! WTF! It happens. Don't beat yourself up!! You are doing the best you can. "hugs"

  3. Some people like daily weigh-ins (like me) and for others it just drives them crazy! As long as you check in regularly, and are doing the things you know will help you get healthy, you will stay on track!

    You have done a great job!

  4. Hard telling what that scale will do each morning.... ugh!


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