Saturday, September 29, 2012

SOOOO tired!!

I did 30 minutes cardio and my energy level today was WOWSA!!! so I got in a great training session!!

I did squats with the 40 pound straight bar!!! 40 pounds!! then lunges with the 40 pound bar! Then I cooked

the kitchen fairies were no where in sight... drag..

  • turkey
  • broccoli
  • salad
  • hard boiled eggs 
  • asparagus 
  • then I made dinner for the family 
My food today: 

kind of a run around day, so my meals were not the best... one egg white and a coffee??? not too nutritious!! 

oh well. I am excited for tomorrow, I am working out with my daughter and we are doing Cardio, core and calves... I have never done core and calves!!! so fun fun :) 

I am tired... can't ya tell?? 

later :) 


  1. I'm interested in what core work you are going to do. I thought today I might have to add some core exercises to my non weight lifting days. You're doing great!

  2. I go away for a year or two and come back to find a super-inspirational woman! Wow!

    Vee at


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