Monday, September 24, 2012

today's feeder bag

protein oatmeal 

4 egg whites, onions, mushrooms and peppers 

carrots, turkey loaf and brown rice 

I lifted at the gym, did 15 minutes of cardio at the gym and them another hour later in the day at home 

salad with turkey 

fish and broccoli ... mew.. I need to find a fish I like 

I am attempting to make icy protein ice cream made mainly from water, rather than milk... we will see 

Tomorrow guys :) 


  1. And a huge bowl of watermelon!!!

  2. Hey sunshine. I didn't get a chance to hop over here and thank you for the super shoutout during your star-turn interview before I took off for Fitbloggin. THANKS BUNCHES! And thanks for all the fun comments you leave on my site. You rock!

  3. Looks like you got that ice cream maker! Fun! :)


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