Tuesday, September 11, 2012

totally random

today's post is 100% scatterbrained randomness!!

Lets get the essentials out of the way :) ... yesterdays food:

I made the HUGE mistake of walking into the gym with my Trenta iced coffee with a splash of half and half and my trainer ... MADE. ME. PAY!!!

that was after the killer lower body... so much so that this was/is a challenge this morning!!!

today will be upper body and you can put money on the fact that I will be walking into the gym with a bottle of water this morning!!!

I am on staycation this week (AKA... broke folk vacation) so I started with some food prep
spaghetti squash 
Kabocha  squash  
and turkey loaf 

random Jack picture, his tail is all ah blur he is excited to see us, but not enough to get up off the coach... silly lazy puppy 

we went to the coast and saw this beautiful display at Pepperdine University 

Today is day #2 of the staycation... the agenda today is car maintenance and appliance shopping, and the gym ... ah upper body today ...lol 

later blog pals 


  1. Hey Karla, I'm really curious about the Kabocha squash. I was going to buy one at the farmer's market until the guy told me that the only way to cook it was to steam it. I have never tried to steam anything. Have you baked it before with good results? I love squash! :)


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