Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Vacation Tuesday

today's meal plan. I will also have an Arctic Zero (150 calories) 

we went to a local deli and I saw this on the menu... ah really??!! 32 proteins in a steamed veggie plate... that has only vegetables.. well you can't believe everything you read 

I went for a half a sandwich (I ate about a third of it!!) 

this is my problem aisle in the grocery store.... just stopped by to drool... 

later guys :) 


  1. That's funny about the protein count. I wonder how many people believe it.

  2. I'd eat the poo out of that veggie platter though!

    I did watch "Food Matters" yesterday and I had a really difficult time hearing (and taking in) the fact that veggies lose, like, all their good bits (including protein) even when they're steamed. Yikes! In the next few years, I'm going to make it a point to do lots and lots of more raw foods...including those lovely nuts in those lovely grocery aisles. ;)

    Next pay period, I'm getting some PB2 (FINALLY!) and I'll put it in my Chobani and think of you. :)


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