Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Yesterday, right on plan

this is never in any kind of order, I am just not that patient!! Watermelon

I was off and I usually overeat on my days off, so I prepped my food as if I was working. Egg white salad, Yogurt and asparagus and chicken.... I didn't eat the squash and turkey that will be today 

protein oatmeal 

And a monster salad :) I also had 2 seed muffins and an Arctic Zero ice cream (150 calories)

My son told me my seed muffins are too healthy, but I love them. They just have Quinoa flour, eggs, almond milk. baking soda and powder and seeds.... Viola muffins

I am attempting to give up artificial sweeteners .... attempting. Yesterday I did good, once I decided I had none, but wow no more Crystal light in my water, no more gum. I do think it will be good for me though, I also need to start taking Ginko Biloba... Mama's brain is going a tad bit jelly :P

Well today has begun, and I am determined to make it awesome, how about you?



  1. So far today is going great!
    If you get the secret to reversing memory loss let me know :)

  2. I try to watch the quantity of artificial sweeteners that I eat and try not to go overboard. But they kind of make weight loss easier...


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