Friday, September 28, 2012

Yesterday vs today

yesterday I didn't want to work out
today I did 
yesterday I did 20 minutes of cardio
today I did 60 minutes
yesterday I did 15 minutes of upper body, and left the gym blaming overcrowding on why I couldn't get in a good workout
today the gym wasn't crowded, but I realized it doesn't matter if it's crowded or not, it is about what I want to do, whether or not I want to be there 
yesterday I ate too much food
today I ate on my plan
yesterday I went to bed really disappointed in myself
today I feel like I am rocking the world! 

why? .... why are some days good... not so good... then in the blink of an eye...CRAP!!!

why? too many episode's of Grey's Anatomy? (my newest obsession) ... feeling too cocky? and I need to take myself down a notch or two? I had a plan yesterday, it just went down the crapper ... why?

why are some days better than others?

Heck if I know, but I am going to get a good night sleep, get up tomorrow and try my dangest to have a kickin day tomorrow

I ate half of this egg white omelet 


oatmeal, chia seeds, flax meal and protein 

I only ate about 10-15

SF vanilla powder in an iced coffee = 90 calories 

chicken, rice and veggies 

chicken and salad 

chicken and broccoli 

Jack's thinking.... hummm thats alot oh chicken ...LOL 

see ya tomorrow, rested and ready to kick some butt 


  1. i agree i have no idea y some days are really awesome and the next minute we r like sabotaging ourselves its crazy but i think it happens to every1 so we r good all the yummy pics now im hungry .....but i loved jacks pic the best too cute ....we have a puggle named fifi and he reminds me of her lol they r awesome dogs

  2. It's always frustrated me that some days I feel so on top of things. No cravings, no major hunger. Other days?? Just suck!!

  3. Some days are good days and some are not I tend to be having too many BAD days lately! ugh!


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