1 cup unsweetened almond milk in my coffee 
  1. 1/4 c oats with
    • 2 T chia seeds
    •  2 T almond meal
    • 1 T nut butter
    • 1 scoop protein .......
  2. restaurant egg whites omelette with onions, jalapenos and mushrooms and 3 slices of tomato ..... 
  3. 10 oz salad greens 
    • 3 oz turkey
    •  3 oz brown rice
    • 4 T light Italian dressing  
  4. 4 oz broccoli, 2.8 oz tuna, mustard
  5. 4 oz chicken, 8 oz carrots & asparagus 
  6. shake, water and one scoop protein  
I text my food to my trainer everyday!! Kind of a pain in the behind, but it is helping me, I was asked a few weeks ago what my fitness goal was... and I did not have an answer... hummm... so now I have a goal and it is to stop wearing those spanxy things every day... I want to tone and tighten my stomach and firm my abs

thus the strict diet... I do get a day off this month though... for my Birthday

There is a website I follow it is in my feed ------------->

and it is motivational sayings... one I read the other day has stuck with me... it has helped the last few day to makes me stop and think when I am in the middle of a crazy situation

Work through the frustration

When you feel frustrated, what you’re feeling is your intense desire to make things better. Instead of fighting against your frustration, channel it in a positive, productive direction.
Frustration happens when things are not the way you want them to be. And because of that, frustration is a powerful precursor to achievement.
When you’re frustrated with the way things are, it can be tempting to give up. After all, it’s often easier just to live with life’s shortcomings than it is to make improvements.
But if you choose to give up, you’re letting go of a powerful opportunity. In your frustration there is great energy, and that energy can be directed to truly make things better.
To tap into that energy, take focused, purposeful action with the highest of expectations. Work through the frustration, moment by moment, bit by bit, and get yourself to the achievement that’s on the other side.
Frustration activates a powerful energy within you that you can use for positive purpose. Feel the frustration, harness the energy, and create the value that’s there for you to bring to life.
— Ralph Marston

Have a wonderful day