Saturday, October 20, 2012

Busy, busy, busy

the day started with 3 egg whites and a quarter cup of oatmeal, gym for upper body, and 40 minutes of cardio... 

home made veggie soup with 3.5 ounces of turkey breast 

salad and turkey with light balsamic dressing 

chicken soup 

the Arctic Ice will be tonight while watching Grey's Anatomy, my FAVORITE show!!! evvar!! 

had some Greek yogurt today, with Chia seeds and thinned a bit with unsweetened almond milk, vanilla and a few packets of sweetener 

I found this on Instagram and I love this :) 

I ironed about 15 work shirts.... ugh... laundry, a few run around chores, it was a full day ... life is good 

see ya later bloggity folks 
And a Ben and Jerry's ice cream..... Stupid.... I am not going to ever buy it again, I buy it for my husband..... Yeah right.... I set myself up for failure 920 calories over today.... Boo, not good :( This turned into a full fledge FAT ASS day..... Pistachios also Okay tomorrow my biggest pants and a no tuck in top, crap what happened!!?? I weighed 141.4 this morning, I will be too afraid to get on the scale for a few days....

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