Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Good Morning Blog land

My beautiful, talented Sister made me a tracker!!! I love it 

today's food: 
tuna cup with tapenade and onions
Greek yogurt with Chia seeds 
4 egg whites 
3 oz brown rice, 3 oz chicken, 6 oz carrots 
3 oz turkey meat loaf, 6 oz green beans and balsamic light dressing 

4 egg whites and oatmeal 

I am under by 248 calories, so tonight .....???? Maybe I will treat myself and get a Pumpkin spice latte.... can you say OMG!!! ... or not!!?? I usually don't like to cave because then it may become a habit... 

I will check in tonight

remember... Fail to plan??? then you have planned to fail!!

Thank you Pinterest 

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