Saturday, October 13, 2012

learning... always learning

I am strict with my food... almost to the point of being obsessive. I think this has set me up for on more than one occasion to fail!

I need to relax in some situations... so here is my epiphany ....

I have been dieting hard core, my trainer gave me a diet and I have been pretty good. High in protein, hardly any dairy. I have gained a few pounds... (142) but my belly fat is going away. We are working on building more muscle and he told me that this would happen


the 5K happens, and I am hobbling around like an old woman, I am going to do some internet research on stretching technique's today. I never stretch... boo ... not good!

so back to my story, so I do the 5K and I am sore, well my muscles are retaining water to repair themselves, okay I get this... So me and my dumb head decide to hop on the scale... 145!!!! OMG!!! I went on a 2 day food drunk!! Get myself right and yesterday I counted calories and made sure I ate every 2 hours, high protein and this morning I was right back 142.6!!

dang maybe my trainer is right.... I just get sooooo obsessed with the number on the scale and if I "can" eat this or that... I set myself up ... the other day I went to a women's leadership meeting I am so lucky to be part of this inspirational group of powerful ladies, I want to get MORE involved with this group!!.... anyway... the speaker is talking all about energy, and food and moving... right down my alley right? well... I didn't let myself eat ANYTHING while I was there, so on the way home, I devoured the goodie bag!!! so dumb dumb dumb dumb

so the moral of this is .... #1 listen to my trainer and #2 allow myself to have something during a special gathering, not too much, but enjoy the food and the experience, because feeling deprived is not a good thing and I WILL compensate myself for missing out on the special occasion food!!

on the fitness front... I am back to only twice a week.... and my morning cardio... I have such long days!! .. maybe I will try to fix all my food and set out my clothes once or twice at night and get up at 4 AM, and go straight to the gym, lift and haul ass home... could work? huh?

Tomorrow I am 53... eeeekkk!!! how is that even possible? 53!! I think I am a little freaked out about this also... so this weekend is going to be eating right, working out (I think I will FINALLY try the ab's workout  video I bought on Amazon) and Grey's Anatomy marathon... yeah Netflix!!

on a side note, I have been getting a lot of spam comments... boo

see ya later bloggity folks


  1. I've set my comments for no anonymous comments and that takes care of it!
    Happy Birthday my friend, you're just a young chick yet :)

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KARLA!!!! (tomorrow). I hope you have a most FABULOUS day.
    You are amazing... seriously, you are on top of your game. I know it's a daily battle... and you have your ups and downs but you have kept your weight down and made your health a priority!

    I have been getting a TON of spam comments.... I think I will switch to no anonymous comments too!

    Take care & God bless....

  3. I have no problem with spam comments and have had my settings set for-ever.

    Have a very happy birthday...and 53 is not yet so old. Just wait til 55!

    Karla, last night in the middle of the night I got up and ate a FiberOne bar. 1:30 a.m.! Was it you who ate SEVEN of these a couple of years ago? If not, then it was Christine. I thought of you both while I was doing it. ugh.

  4. One of my crushes is 54 this year - Patricia Heaton. Marie Osmond turned 53 Oct 13th. She's the other. Oh and Madonna is also 53. So you are in good company. We are as young as we feel. Today I feel 49:)

  5. Happy 53rd Birthday!! I'm coming up on 42 this December. Boo. :)

    I'm about to try and put some healthy eating into my schedule-I felt so much better back in the spring when I was attempting to eat veggies, fruits, and less calories. I have COMPLETELY lost focus on the healthy eating since school started and slacked on my running. About to re-prioritize.

    Thanks for all of your inspiration!



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