Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I posted early yesterday

when I got home this little yumminess in a jar was on the counter, a gift from my daughter

My daughter had asked me to make a Christmas list, and this was one of the thing's I mentioned... sound crazy? go check out the price at Amazon... you will understand!!

BUT, BUT, BUT.... let me tell ya something... (in my best Fire Marshall Bill voice) 

this stuff is the best nut butter I have ever eaten, bar NONE!!! so I have to be careful, and only have it as a treat! it is so yummy and the calories are not that bad for a nut butter! 

so last night instead of coming home and having my shake, I had a rice cracker with Nuttzo and some of my home made egg white salad, and some watermelon... Not too bad 

Today is a new day, my goal is to be better than I was yesterday, I am my only competition!!


  1. Probably good that I've never tried it!

  2. Wow, that is pricy. Can you post a picture of the nutritional stats?

    I shared a link to your blog today on my facebook because you are so inspirational to me and I loved your last sentence.


  3. That looks really good! Never seen a nut butter like that one.


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