Tuesday, November 27, 2012

feeling better

breakfast was 1/4 cup oats, 2 t chia seeds, 2 t flax meal and a scoop of protein. Unsweetened almond milk with some SF Peppermint mocha creamer 

cardio before the gym 

sweaty Betty 

this is the last of the 2% 

brocolli, carrots, 3 ounces brown rice, 3 ounces chicken with 2 T dressing. I always thin my dressing ... half dressing and half balsamic vinegar 

I made Jaime Eason Carrot protein bars into muffins 


I also made some protein pudding
2 cups cottage cheese 
box of SF jello pudding mix
scoop of protein 
enough milk to make it into pudding in the food processor ... maybe a quarter cup or less 
150 calories, 3.1 fat and 17.75 protein

dinner was baked vegetables and a tiny bit of steak 

totally ON plan today :) 

see ya tomorrow 

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