Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday morning thoughts

  1. Quest bars... where have you been all my life??? OMG!! 150 calories, 10 grams of protein, 17 grams of fiber low in fat... a home run any way you look at it! 
  2. Being nice to people is overrated 
  3. Passive aggressive behavior is stressful to have to deal with 
  4. I need to buy food 
  5. I need to cook 
  6. I stayed on my Weight Watcher points, protein plan 100% yesterday!! 
  7. 144.8 this morning, down from 146 yesterday 
  8. I SHOULD go to the gym today... go, go, go, go, go... 
  9. I don't like to go to the gym alone... oh boo hoo
  10. I really REALLY REALLY REALLY  don't like to do housework 
  11. I am really bleh about the holidays this year 
  12. Morning Star brand corn dogs ROCK!! 
  13. I have all this stuff that needs to get done today, because I work the next 7 days straight and all I want to do is crawl into bed and watch Private Practice, and turn off my brain 
  14. whats with Facebook anyways? is it just a stalking place for people I used to know, and used to know me? bizarre 
  15. whats with Pinterest? I feel totally "less than" when I am on there... who DOES all that stuff? REALLY??!!
  16. I love Instagram, lot's of great food idea's ... oh the Quest bars I got from Instagram (and my kid) and you need to microwave them for 30 seconds... Instagram tip 
  17. OMG do I need a new phone... T Mobile renew? AT&T? Verizon? so many choices, my brain is in overload... see #13
  18. My kitchen sink is FULL of dirty dishes... ah Good Morning Karla .... bleh...
  19. Okay... I have gotten a bunch of negatives out of my brain this morning ... I need a gratitude list to turn this crappy mood around 

Things I am grateful for 
  • my family 
  • my health
  • job I enjoy 
  • Netflix
  • bloggers
  • Instagramers
  • conflict, it makes me stonger
  • petty people, they make me grateful and help me realize when I am being petty 
  • people that have been put in my life recently that I can learn from 
  • opportunities I have been given 
  • people that can handle conflict without jumping to the immediate negative, they help me to realize I am to quick to judge and this helps me to grow in my job and in my life... helps me to be a better person 
  • my commute, this helps me to breathe and spend some time alone with my thoughts... helps me to sort things out in my mind 
  • the people around me in my work place that help me 
  • the fact that EVERYTHING in my closet fits
  • my beautiful shoe collection 
  • my dogs
  • the back yard, it is so relaxing to sit and enjoy 
  • the gym, it is so close and I have only had good experiences there, nothing like the horror stories you read about 
  • my car, it is dependable 
  • my housekeeper, she only comes once or twice a month, but she kicks butt!!!
  • my trainer, love him... hate him 
  • Happy perfume 
  • Secret deodorant 
  • dental floss
  • bandaids, okay I am getting goofy but I am VERY grateful for bandaids!!! my hands get so dry they crack and band aids save me every time!! 

have a great day today. I am going to make every effort to eat within my WW points, lots of protein and get some stuff done!! 


  1. My husband has brought me coffee almost every morning for the past thirty years. Forgets to close cabinet doors, but brings coffee.

  2. Lots of thoughts and lots to be grateful for = win/win :)


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