Saturday, November 3, 2012

I am that somebody

I think I make myself crazy sometimes, I always need an eating plan.... and a back up plan

years and years I would wing it... throw together dinners for the family, and frankly I am not proud of what I fed my family!!! Now it is basically just me and my husband, and we work different hours, so I am getting home and he is headed to bed almost!! So he has "his food" ... cereal, crackers, Shepherd's bread, hard salami, an assortment of cheeses, and even some Marie Callender's frozen meals. Then there is the "other food" ... cooked steamed veggies, or baked veggies, a giant salad made with cole slaw, carrots and jicama so it will last for a few days in the refrigerator, chicken, turkey meat loaf, Fage, eggs... OMG... I buy 6 containers of the 18 count eggs at a time!!

I feel bad sometimes, cause I am not cooking for my hubby any more!! we have our family days, where we have massive taco feasts, and the pot of chili here and the meal there.

but here's the thing, they know I won't eat that.... He was eating cleaner but I am seeing him swing back the other way... he want's cereal now and sweets and all the old "hubby food"

I can't make him eat clean. I wish I could, but I can't ... so maybe this is why I have to plan like a mad woman, so I don't cave into eating a GIANT bowl of cereal, or scarf out on the bread and butter...

it's a balance, and I feel like I walk a tight rope food wise sometimes. I screw up... A LOT!!!  but I don't give up. I can't... at 53 I can't yo yo again!! I have been dedicated to this way of life now for almost 2 years... I want to be one of those folks that make the change FOR LIFE ... and I remember in AA how many people would go back out and drink, oops ... I never mentioned I am a sober alcoholic...

I don't go to meetings, but that's a whole other story, back to the food thing...  and every time I would screw up and drink, and go back those people would embrace me... love me ... have hope for me... and I remember thinking... are you real? this is crazy!! how can you have hope for me? I am hopeless but I came to realize, I am not hopeless, every day... EVERY SINGLE DAY is a new beginning, and there is new hope

so today is a new day, I choose to make good choices, I have hope

thank you Pinterest 


  1. It is a balance and not an easy one. So easy to slip up and not realize the start of a slip up.
    You are doing great!!
    Sometimes life gets in our way but you just stomp right through it :)

  2. Hope is HUGE! You can't go wrong if you always have that and NEVER GIVE UP! :)


  3. Wow- you really have changed your life around, woman! I'd love to read a post about the connections between alcoholism and overeating and your personal experience. I think that'd be very intriguing.

    It would be very hard if my husband wasn't on board too. :(

  4. This is an awesome and inspiring post. I'm 54 and yo yoing. I'm going to remember your post and do this for LIFE!

  5. It really is a balance and you are still finding that balance, as is anyone who has struggled with weight and won the victory.

    My husband eats well at home but I know he eats more than he needs away from home and I can't do anything about it - which makes me sad.

  6. I have done WW all by myself and with my husband when he decided to try it. It is easier when you're both eating clean but it is totally possible to also do what you have been doing. I have family members who are alcoholics and one is very close and dear to me. My WW leader in Tucson is a sober alcoholic.

    So much of our lives depends on our mental situations and there are times when it is much harder than others. I have good and bad weeks, but I keep trying. You do too and we can encourage each other. Hang in there. :)

  7. Great post, I too am a recovering alcoholic, for lack of a better term. I'm not fond of labels. One of AA's mottoes is "just for today". That works well with weight loss too. Take it on day at a time. If you have a bad day, realize that it is only one day and strive to do better tomorrow. You only fail if you give up.


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